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12811 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28273, USA

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3.8 / 5


Alphonse Magdaleno
July 18, 2020

Service was amazing! Treated well the moment I walked in and they took care of us. Would definitely come back her. Jasmine was our waitress and she did a excellent job. She deserves a raise.

Rodriquez Antonio
July 28, 2020

Love TGI Fridays, didn't realize it would be open since the pandemic. One of my best friends and his girlfriend invited me out. We get there and get seated within 10 minutes, perfect! How it went south from there is odd to me. Again, this is the covid pandemic. The 2 friends that I'm with are both servers/ bartenders themselves so they know the ropes. After we were seated, we order drinks and appetizers. We didn't receive our drinks until 20 minutes later and when they received their appetizers, they didn't receive plates to use. My best friend had to walk to the bar to ask for side plates and napkins. For me, I'm not sure if it was just because of the pandemic that things were slow, short staffed or what. There weren't many dine in customers. It just became repetitive when ordering drinks, it would take a while to receive them or begging for napkins and tarter sauce for my fish and chips and my friends girlfriends extra sauce that we ordered. Also we were attacked by gnats the entire time we ate. None of complained but it was my first experience sitting down to dine in some covid.

kam Jacks
December 14, 2018

My meal was excellent and came out exactly to my preference. The bartender was amazing tonight, I tried something new & ordered the rainbow shot. If you're not into sweet beverages then this isn't the drink for you. My only complaint was the side salad I order came out in what looked like a shallow gravy bowl. That wasn't cool, I've never ordered a salad & had it come out in something you would feed a small child from.

Tiffany Paige
July 20, 2020

This establishment is Covid-19 ready!! Our waiter , Isaiah Mack was great!!! Great customer service, very friendly, and very attentive. Keep up the great wk!!!

Lori Todd
September 01, 2018

I really wish that i could rate higher as the food was good and the people friendly. However the extended time to receive food, refills, the check was a huge factor. A one hour meal took 2 and some change. I wish i could say they were really busy. But that was not the case. Dessert never showed up....At the end we had to raise our hands to get the attention of a manager. The dessert we had to get to go. As i said the food is good. And i never rate low till i try a second go. This was the second chance.

TGI Fridays

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12811 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28273, USA

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