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3.7 / 5


Eric Gantwerk
September 16, 2021

This is a rating only on this experience, not an overall. We used to get food here pretty regularly (until Peking Tokyo in TC opened). Food was always good and came out quick. We went in one evening for takeout after a bunch of errands because Chinese is usually quick. Guy tells us 30 min. Okay, we have time to run home and put groceries away. Come back 25 min later, then proceeded to wait ANOTHER 55 MINUTES for our food. Others there that night were waiting over an hour and 15 minutes. They were short staffed and I felt bad for the guy running things as he was trying hard. But he looked at my order three times before I got it. And they shouldn't tell people 30 min - which he did for several after us as well - when you know it's going to be MUCH longer than that (others leaving had told us they had been waiting close to an hour AFTER we placed our order). Our fault for not canceling, I get it. But that was ridiculous. Alnost an hour and a half. Food was just okay, and my wife didn't feel too good after eating it, so she avoided the leftovers. We usually like to give places another chance - everyone has a bad night after all - but we'll be hard pressed to get food from there again. Only reason it's 2 stars instead of one is because the guy out front was really nice, trying hard and helping in the kitchen as well. He also was good about putting on new gloves when he went back to help.

Ian Howerton
July 06, 2021

Usually the typical shopping center Chinese places aren't anything to write home about. But this is not your typical Chinese restaurant. The staff here are friendly, get your orders right, and on top of that the food is delicious! The prices are pretty good too. I highly recommend this place.

Ashlee Walsh
June 04, 2021

Absolutely one of the best restaurants ever. If you haven’t tried them yet you need to. Everything is always super delicious and they always listen to the order notes like if you don’t want onions or something. They even write handwritten thank you notes sometimes with my orders. 10/10 recommend!

margaret noonan
August 22, 2021

Got the kung pow chicken and it tasted like old peanuts we think, or it was a weird oil that left a nasty aftertaste, and I'm usually quite easy to please with food. I think Chinese food is pretty easy to cook but this was just not good... Egg roll was decent but how hard is it to fry something... I'd go somewhere else.

Julia Nicole
August 19, 2021

Seafood was foul; bad odor & slimey texture (seafood combo). Egg rolls were not too good. Chicken & steak hibachi not too good either. Bourbon chicken was just okay. Mushrooms were okay. Only two corn cobs (my favorite veggie) were in hibachi meal. Dumplings were good though.

Big Wok

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1750 SC-160, Fort Mill, SC 29708, USA

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